Below are the services listed on naijakick connect ltd

Carefully check the services listed here, if yours is among you can register on our platform. kindly reply in the comment section if your services are not listed here and we will look into it.

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Service category and service type:

Event and entertainment

  1. Catering services
  2. DJ
  3. Cake Bakers
  4. Photography
  5. Event decoration
  6. Small chop
  7. Drinks services
  8. Event Waiters
  9. Cocktail mixologist
  10. Ushering services
  11. MC
  12. Video coverage services

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Beauty and spa

  1. Makeup artist
  2. Body care
  3. Massage at home
  4. Gele tying
  5. Facial treatment

Cleaning services

  1. Home cleaning
  2. Laundry and Dry cleaner
  3. Water tank cleaning
  4. Pool cleaning
  5. Office cleaning
  6. Sofa cleaning
  7. Glass cleaning
  8. Floor cleaning
  9. Bathroom cleaning
  10. Kitchen cleaning
  11. Sewage cleaning

Repairs and maintenance

  1. Electricians
  2. Mobile phone repair
  3. Computer and laptop repair
  4. Air conditioner
  5. Roofing
  6. Solar panel installation
  7. Inverter repair
  8. Generator repairs and services
  9. Car repair
  10. Satellite and cable Tv

Home and office services

  1. Movers and packers
  2. Part-time Nannies and baby sitters
  3. Full time maids
  4. Garden maintenance
  5. Interior decoration
  6. Office cleaning
  7. Wall branding
  8. CCTV installation
  9. Painting home
  10. POP installation
  11. Security fencing
  12. Office maintenance services
  13. Floor polishing
  14. Pest control
  15. Plumbering
  16. Chef on demand
  17. Driver on demand
  18. Home tutor

Event planner

  1. Wedding and Event planning services
  2. Party planning

Personal services and more

  1. Fashion designer
  2. T-shirt designing
  3. Uniform designing
  4. Home salon service

Art and gallery

  1. Portrait picture

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How naijakick connect works for service provider

On Naijakick connect you can either join as a pro or hire a pro. If you are joining as a pro, registration is free. Complete your profile with all the necessary details and confirm your email address after that you will need to provide us with proof of identity either voter’s card or national ID or driving license to verify your account with us. When customer that needs your service visit our website, you will receive an  email notification about the customer’s request, if you are okay with the request you will have to send quote to the customer, before you can send a quote you must have one credit which is equal to three hundred naira in your wallet, if you don’t have, you will need to purchase one with either credit card which is automatic crediting system or use bank transfer or walk to the bank to pay into our bank account, if you choose any of the latter option you will need to send us payment alert from the website afterward we will credit you. Your quote will be deliver to the customer that needs you where he or she will check your profile to view your reviews, your past project work. If he or she choose to hire you we will deduct one credit from your wallet and notify you after that, you will be able to see the customer’s contact details in the message where you can choose to chat the customer on the platform or call the customer. If the customer didn’t hire you, we won’t charge you. Your credit will still remain in your wallet. After a successful work with a customer kindly ask he or she for a review on your profile so other customers can see. Thank you

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