Profile Introduction

When you created the profile, you will be given a service page to show your qualify and promote your service. From this article, you’ll learn all the elements of the profile.

Dashboard: Here, you will see all your basic information including name, phone number, address, credit, etc.

Fund wallet: You will be able to credit your wallet

Transactions: Here, you will be able to keep track all your transaction on the platform

Leads: lead is a customer’s request that includes customer’s service type, address, and some basic information.

New lead: As the name implies, it’s simply means new lead from a customer

Accepted lead: lead that has been accepted by you.

Messages: here, you will be able to interact with customers and see some basic information about the customer.

Requests: here you will be able to see all the request you have made on our platform

Add portfolio: here, you will be able to add your past project work (picture). We allow maximum of 10 pictures, with time you can add more, only the last 10 will be visible on your profile

Profile: here, you will be able to see all your basic information including: your age, your profile picture. Your number, your address, about us etc… kindly fill all

FAQ: here you will find all the frequently asked questions about the platform

Support: here, you will be able to send us information.


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