How to protect your interests when hiring

We’re happy that you’re able to find the Pro on Naijakick connect. However, please use your best judgment when hiring on Naijakick connect, just as you would when making any other important purchase or hiring decision.

Understand Pro’s background

We do our best to make things easy for you by providing the information like reviews, profiles, company’s verifications ( i.e. Naijakick verified) and certifications but those only indicate that the service pro is a registered member of the Platform, and is not an endorsement, certification or guaranteed by the Naijakick connect. As with hiring decisions outside of Naijakick connect, we highly encourage you to be diligent and do your research to understand the pro’s background and service quality better before making any hire decision.

Contract and payment

As the hiring decisions happen outside of Naijakick connect and we do not interfere with the communication and transaction process, it’s very important to sign the contract and reach a clear agreement with the pro on the project details, payment, and deadline and so on before the transaction. And always make sure to get a receipt from the pro and save copies of all records and receipts.


Use Naijakick connect Chat to contact your Pro, so everything you discussed is saved to prevent any controversies in the future.

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