Customer Code of Conduct

At Naijakick connect, we strive to provide the best customer experience that we can. By using Naijakick connect service, you will be able to find your suitable Pro for your project and get the project done. In order to provide the best experience for everyone on Naijakick connect, we have a few simple guidelines that we expect our users to follow.

Be Responsive

It’s free for you to get the quotes but not the same case for service pros. To maintain the quote quality, service pros will have to pay for connecting with you. When you receive the quote, please don’t click the HIRE button if you are not ready to hire them.

Treat pros with respect

Respect pro’s time, please submit the request only if you really need it. If the quote is not suitable, kindly wait to receive all quotes before making any decision, you will receive up to 10 quotes per service request. If a problem arises after hired, be calm and respectful, and try to work it out.

Pay what you own

Pay what you owe as agreed.

Be honest

Don’t waste a pro’s time if you have no intention of hiring him/her. If you have hired, be honest when writing a review as it will be served as a reference for other users.



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