5 check points before hiring

After submitting your service request, you’ll receive quotes which include the price, quote message, profile of the pro and the reviews from the previous customers. Make sure you have gone through all of them carefully before hiring.


There are two pricing types which are “Fixed Price” and “Negotiable “. Chat with Pro to understand the actual price and ask the Pro to update the pricing on the quote if any adjustment for the record. When you make the transaction, please make sure you have reached the agreement with the Pro on project details and project deadline and so on. And always make sure to get a receipt from the pro and sign the contract if needed. You might think twice if a pro severely undercuts the competition (without providing a reasonable explanation for their price) or refuses to provide proof of their license or certifications.

Quote message

The Pro will send the quote to you as the greeting message. Which will include price estimate whether fixed or negotiable.

Profile of the Pro

The profile includes all the information related to the Pro like the profile picture, self-introduction, company information (if applicable), photos to display past work and reviews of past work. By checking that information, you will be able to know if he/she is the best Pro for you.

Pro’s review

Reviews on a pro’s profile can give you an idea of the service quality of work providing by him, her or the company. If there is a review, never miss out and check it to understand who the right Pro is for you.

Additional information

All the information mentioned above are provided by the suppliers themselves or their previous customers. To understand more, we encourage you to be diligent and do your research before hiring any pro.

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