1xbet türkiye: En güvenilir bahis ve casino sitesi

Içerik 1xbet türkiye giriş 1xbet türkiye giriş: Bahis sitesinin değerlendirmesi 1xbet türkiye giriş adresinde neler var? 1xbet türkiye giriş 1xbet türkiye en popüler bahis sitesidir. Bütün kullanıcılar bu siteyi çok beğeniyorlar. Güzel bütün özelliklere sahip bu site, oyunculara en iyi fırsatlar sunar. En modern sağlayıcılardan spor bahislerinin ve casino oyunlarının […]

How to write and submit quote

Anytime you accept customer’s request you will need to send a quotation before they hire you. Your quotation include price and little write up about your service. Depending on you, you can choose to have a fixed or negotiable price. If you want customers to hire you, sending an eye-catching […]

The Terms You Need To Know

When you sign up with Naijakick connect, you become a Naijakick connect Pro who will be able to connect with thousands of customers. In this article, you will learn the important terms about Naijakick connect. Profile Review Service request Quote Naijakick Credits Naijakick connect Chat room Profile To tell us […]

What Is The ID Verification Process?

Naijakick connect is an online service marketplace that connects the customers with the service providers. We’re not the employer of the service providers, however, to protect the customer’s interest, we will have to verify your eligibility to work locally on behalf of customers. To complete your sign up process, you […]

What is Quote?

Naijakick connect will ensure to provide you with clear information regarding the customer’s request. The information will provide you will help you to make the best pricing decision and know everything you need to know about the customer’s want. When you receive the service request, you decide if the service […]

FAQ for service provider

1.How do I complete my profile ? Sign up as a professional and enter your details to create an account Complete your profile information by giving more details about your business. Upload at least ten (10) pictures from previously executed projects to give clients an idea of what you do […]

FAQ For customers

  How does Naijakick connect work? Naijakick connect is a leading service marketplace which helps you hire qualified service Pros specializing in 100 different services including makeup artist, event planner, saloon at home, massage at home, Home tutor etc. for FREE. . How to find the qualified service Pros? Click […]

How to fund your Naijakick connect wallet

Service providers are required to fund their wallet in other to get the customer’s contact details and address. The amount to pay for a job would be displayed for you when connecting with customers, we normally charge 5% for jobs above #5,000 and #300 below jobs below #5,000 How Do […]

How to change account e-mail and phone number?

On Naijakick connect you can only change your phone number. Follow these steps to change your phone number. Go to your dashboard area Click on my profile Navigate to “change phone number” Input your new phone number in the box and click save.   Congratulations you have successfully changed your […]

How do I change my password?

In this article, you will find How to Recover your Password: Change Password:   Forgot Password Go to your email address and checked for the activation message sent to you after signing up on Naijakick connect, your username and password is there you can copy it to login. OR Go […]

Customer Code of Conduct

At Naijakick connect, we strive to provide the best customer experience that we can. By using Naijakick connect service, you will be able to find your suitable Pro for your project and get the project done. In order to provide the best experience for everyone on Naijakick connect, we have […]

Information provided to us

Upon registering on the Platform, consumers will be prompted to disclose certain information about yourself and your service request which include user’s name, date of birth, email address, and contact number. The information collected in the signup process will be closely protected and kept in confidence. We will never disclose […]

How to protect your interests when hiring

We’re happy that you’re able to find the Pro on Naijakick connect. However, please use your best judgment when hiring on Naijakick connect, just as you would when making any other important purchase or hiring decision. Understand Pro’s background We do our best to make things easy for you by […]

5 check points before hiring

After submitting your service request, you’ll receive quotes which include the price, quote message, profile of the pro and the reviews from the previous customers. Make sure you have gone through all of them carefully before hiring. Pricing There are two pricing types which are “Fixed Price” and “Negotiable “. […]

How to pay the Service Pros after submitting service request?

For service quoting, the transaction is negotiated between the Service Pro and the consumer. Please remember to reach an agreement before the transaction. Naijakick connect will not interfere with the transaction process. Note: Naijakick connect will not be held responsible for any loss of money, we advise you to see […]

How do I write reviews for the Service Pros?

How do I write reviews for the Service Pros? To enhance service quality and share your feedback with other Naijakick connect users, we encourage every user to review the Pros after finishing a Project If you decide to hire the Pro and give a review: Login to Naijakick connect Account […]

How do I get the Quotes from Pros?

Naijakick connect is FREE to use for customers. Once the job is done, payments are settled offline. To submit a request, all you need to do is filling in a service-specific questionnaire that we designed with respective experts to record your needs and find the most relevant quotations. Hire the […]

How to Contact service Pros

After you submit a service request, you will receive quotes from different suppliers. You can chat with the pro on our platform or call pro’s number. Login to Naijakick connect Account Go to your dashboard area Click hire the service pro you are interested in Click on message by the […]

Cannot find the Service Item for your Request

Naijakick connect provide over 70 service items, please refer to the link here to check: If you cannot find the service item for your request, please visit the homepage and click on the search button to choose the item you needed. You can find “Make request” on the page, select […]